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Popular Avis Car Rental Locations in Cameroon

# Location Address View
Aeroport De Douala, Douala
Boulevard De La Liberte, Douala
Bp, Yaounde
4015 Bd De Loua, Yaounde

Avis has 4 offices in Cameroon including Douala City, Douala Airport, Yaounde Hilton Hotel and Yaounde City and provides a wide range of vehicles to rent depending on your needs. Find the location of the nearest Avis office on the map below. In Cameroon you should drive on the Right side of the road.

Map of Popular Avis Rental Car Locations in Cameroon

Latitude: 7.369722
Longitude: 12.354722

All Avis Car Rental Offices in Cameroon

Frequently Asked Questions about Renting a Car from Avis in Cameroon

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Avis has 4 offices in Cameroon - Click here to use our map to find the nearest Avis offices to the location you require.
We advise that you check your cross border policy to make sure Avis allows you to take the car into the country or countries you want to travel to, and if there is any additional charge. Cross border policies and charges can vary between suppliers, so taking this potential cost into account will help you choose the most economic option for your intended trip. To check your cross border policy when making a booking, click the Important Information button and read under Cross Border or Travel Restrictions in the Car section. If you already have a booking you can check your cross border policy in your rental conditions by clicking the "Car Hire Voucher" button/link on your confirmation voucher/email.
You can add an additional driver to your Avis car rental booking in Cameroon in the second step of the booking process when making the booking online. If you already have a booking and need to add an additional driver, don't worry! Just let the agent at the desk know when you are picking up the car that you want to add an additional driver, and they will be able to sort this out for you. The person who is being added as an additional driver will always need to be present at the rental desk with their full valid licence in order to be added on to the rental agreement. Additional drivers are added at the rental desk and paid to the car hire company directly at the pick-up time. The exception is if you have a free additional driver included in the cost of your booking. They will still need to be present and added at the desk, but you will not need to pay for it.
A basic product is included. Additional cover can be purchased at the rental counter.
Unfortunately Avis are not able to offer a refund for any unused days if you return the car earlier than originally arranged, as your vehicle will have been held and reserved for the full rental period.
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